Essential Components of Fitness to Include In PE

Physical education contributes to the growth and development of children by maintaining their bodies and improving various skills through physical activities. Educating them physically is as important as educating them academically. A quality physical education program aims to develop motors skills and coordination and at the same time help them develop interest through trial and error. For you to implement the program effectively, you must come up with Lesson Plans For PE that are appropriate for each age group. The following are 5 critical components of fitness that you must include in your plan.

1. Cardiovascular endurance

This incorporates aerobic exercises that aim to increase the lungs and hearts ability to work together for extended periods of time. Some of the activities include; swimming, jogging, cycling, playing football or soccer, basketball and wheelbarrow races.

2. Muscular endurance

This refers to the ability of the muscles of the body to exert force or work consistently and repetitively. You can achieve this by engaging your students in activities like; running races or sprints and swimming.

3. Muscle strength

This refers to the maximum amount of force that the muscle can exert against resistance. Activities that can increase muscle strength for your students may include; tug of war and obstacle course races.

4. Flexibility

This incorporates stretching exercises that aim to increase the range of motion of specific joints. Some of the activities that you can incorporate in your plan include; gymnastics and water aerobics.

5. Body composition

This refers to the percentage of body fat in comparison to lean muscle, bones and other organs in terms of weight. The lower the body fat the better to prevent obesity, especially among children.

The benefits of fitness in education are both mental and physical as well as long-term and immediate. Incorporating the above fitness component into your Lesson Plans For PE will help you meet your objectives in physical education.